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Thinking about doing an NHibernate course in Poland

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I am thinking doing a course in Warsaw around the end of October. Before setting out to figure all the details, and with the caveat that this is still very early in the game, etc. I would like to solicit some input from you guys (well, if you are in Poland or nearby.

  • Would you come?
  • What level do you think the course should be?


Wojciech Pietkiewicz

Great news :) I'd like to come, and I think that it should be an intermediate level of NH - there are a lot information on the web for newbies.


finally:) I hope you organize the course

Kamil Wojciechowski

Level should be intermediate or higher. Can you tell us how much will it cost ?

Pawel Wasilewski

Great news I'm comming! I think NHibernate is well known here.


Sounds intersting, i'm interested in some more advanced topics and new features in 3.x.

Michal Chaniewski

I'd come for sure if I didn't move to London two months ago... but if the date, content and price is right I might come anyway.

I'd like to hear about upper-intermediary to advanced stuff and new features as well.


I am also interested in attending this course. Intermediary course would work for me also.


Me too, me too :) Interested in intermediary course.


Man, you need to come to Argentina


The higher level - the better. Weekend or working day? Will it be a community event or a training?:>

Marcin Daczkowski

Me and for sure couple of my colleagues would be happy to come to this training. I agree the level should be at least intermediate and show real life pitfalls that one may encounter working with NHibernate and how to overcome them. Have you already thought about the length of the training?

Ayende Rahien

Kamil, Actual cost is yet to be determined.

Ayende Rahien

Scooletz, Working day, trainging.

Maciej Aniserowicz

Same here - would love to be there. Level: at least intermediate (if people want basics, they should read books and blogs before attending such course).


1) I would like to come 2) Advanced or maybe intermediate.

Maybe something like common pitfalls and best practices.

By saying advanced I don't mean deep internals of current NHibernate implementation, but rather advanced usage in more complex application


I would come!

Intermediate/expert training would be good.

I'm glad to hear that you're planning such! :)


Great news Ayende!


Great news, of course I will attend. I think the best will be intermediate level. Could you tell us what was inspire you to this great idea ?

Jakub Gutkowski

great news. I would be there for sure.

I think intermediate/advanced level would be perfect - fully agree with @Maciej Aniserowicz.


What an unexpected and great news... I agree with other commenters. Let's forget about basic topics.


+1 for intermediate / advanced course and I will do my best to be there

Jacek Spólnik

it is good to hear that it is possible to learn about NHibernate from you -> +1 for intermediate / advanced

Jakub Binkowski

It'd be fantastic if you came! +1 for Intermediate/advance


Poland sounds like europe so how about coming to germany too? +1 for Intermediate/advance +1 for an extra RavenDB session

J. Szczurowski

Great idea :) actually if you could choose Poznan I'd be much happier. The session's level should be at least intermediate


If your're coming to europe maybe there is a chance you'll make a stop in germany too? +1 for Intermediate/advance +1 for an extra RavenDB session


Ups double post...sorry :-)


Nice to hear you are going to visit us! As many people here I also think course should be intermediate at least


great news! I will come! +1 for me intermediate


For sure i will be there. Level should be at least intermediate.


Yes, it's really great news- If I'll be in Poland at that moment - I'll be there for sure! Yea, intermediate or something like ninja moves :)


Great idea! And I also think that level should be at least intermediate.

Grzesiek Kolarz

I can't wait to see/meet you in Poland!

Marek Byszewski

+1 for advanced level. A couple of guys from my company would come for sure :)


That is great news for me! You`re welcome to Warsaw :)

Pawel Lesnikowski

This is very good news.

Definitively should be intermediate or higher + brief summary of best practices in common scenarios.

No deep internals of NHibernate implementation.

What city are you planning to visit? Would it be one day event?

Dawid Rutyna

Very interested if in Warsaw, intermediate+


great news!!


Very good idea, Poland is the country of very creative people (that explains "polak potrafi" sentence). We're waiting.

Piotr Kowalczyk
  • I would definitely come
  • intermediate / advanced

Very good news, but actually what made you choose Poland? :)


Great. Intermediate level is ok. Some discussion could go higher.


intermediate+ please. we would go for 3 seats (or more...)

Szymon Szylhabel

Great news, I would definitely come. intermediate / advanced


superb! Would come to get a signature on the book "DSLs in Boo: Domain-Specific Languages in .NET". And personally hear something advanced about NHibernate too :)


Great news, me + 1. Would come.. intermediate / advanced

Tomasz Wójcik

Great news! I think that intermediate+ or advanced level will be best for me (the higher level - the better).

Marek Stój

Such course in Poland would be awesome. Sign me in! Intermediate level at least.


Great. Advanced level would be good.


Intermediate at least! Will be there!


Great news :) I'll be there


Great news! I would really be interested in more advanced scenarios, but intermediate+ sounds good as well :)


I'm so excited :) sign me in!

I think course should be at advanced level, why? because all easy and intermediate stuff we have in books and on blogosphere:)


It will be great if you announce a list of material which all people who want to take part in this course must know.



I would probably come if the level was at least intermediate.

Cheers, Marek

Krzysztof Jeske

Great news! Intermediate level and higher would be nice.




I'm more than welcome to invite you to Gdansk, Poland for such a training. :) It'd be nice if level was around at least intermediate, but with some beginers introduction.

BR, Andrew

Tomasz Gawron

I'd love to come. I think you'll find that majority of attendees will know their way around NHibernate. What I want to see is a tour around more advanced features and extensibility points like overriding default proxy generation, defining composite user types or implementing cache providers/drivers.


that would be awesome! +1 for intermediate/advanced

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