New year decisions

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Originally posted at 1/2/2011

It is a new year, and I understand it is a tradition to make some rules that you’ll violate during the year.

Mine are:

  • Work less, a lot less.
  • Enjoy life.

They are more or less associated with one another, as you can imagine.

A few weeks ago, I got myself a nice birthday gift, a shiny office. The idea is that if I am no longer working from home, I have that much greater a chance to actually be able to put some separation between the periods in which I am working and the periods in which I am not.

Associate with the office is the decision to hire employees and leave the office at a reasonable time.

For example, this post is my last official act of “work” for the day, and I am leaving the office at 18:10. Quite a good number, I think Smile