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New year decisions

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Originally posted at 1/2/2011

It is a new year, and I understand it is a tradition to make some rules that you’ll violate during the year.

Mine are:

  • Work less, a lot less.
  • Enjoy life.

They are more or less associated with one another, as you can imagine.

A few weeks ago, I got myself a nice birthday gift, a shiny office. The idea is that if I am no longer working from home, I have that much greater a chance to actually be able to put some separation between the periods in which I am working and the periods in which I am not.

Associate with the office is the decision to hire employees and leave the office at a reasonable time.

For example, this post is my last official act of “work” for the day, and I am leaving the office at 18:10. Quite a good number, I think Smile


Paulo Quicoli

Hi Ayende! Happy new year!

And you are right. When working from home is very hard to separate time for ourselves. Have a dedicated place is the right choice but it is not the only one. As you did, delegate duties, tasks, is part of all process to make life easier and happier.

I hope you can be very successful in this new challenge, and please, if you can, share some pics of your new office :)


O... M... G...

This is totally out of the norm... Are you ok? What happened, who did it to you, should we sort them out?


This is a very good reason for an office. I hope that my business will grow enough this year to also have an office and a few employees. I wish you success, tobi.


Hi! Happy New Year! :)

Hire people that will be "self managed" or you will end up spending even more time in new Office, compared to what was before :D

Did you read book The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss ( http://sh.evereq.com/4hourswork)? Seems he go a bit different way, but with same target - work less and enjoy life (he actually Travel all the time) :D

Best wishes, Bfn!


I'm glad that you are doing something like this. My co-workers have often said things like, "This guy must have no life. All he seems to do is code".


The beginning of end of Ayende.

Now he will become a normal person, like most of us become when we hit 30.


Funnily enough, this is pretty much the opposite of mine:

  1. Work more.

  2. Enjoy life.

Here, once again, they're closely related :)

I do wish you lots of luck with your new business - it's a competitive world and it's hard to stay in business, but you're one of the good guys so I'm definitely rooting for you.

And it you ever need to outsource anything, you know where to go ;-)

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