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We are hiring!

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In 2005, I got out of the army, and looked for a job. I felt that I had all the necessary qualifications (at the time, I had already written Rhino Mocks), but I run into an interesting problem. I didn’t have any commercial experience. I am sure that you are familiar with the tale. All the jobs require at least 2 – 3 years experience, and the list of qualification looked like someone just raided the TLA storage facilities.

That was pretty annoying at the time, and I wished I could do something about it. Now I can.

We aren’t hiring additional full time employees (at least not right now), but we are hiring interns. The main idea is to enable people to gain commercial experience while working on cool software.

Some information that you probably need to know:

  • You have to know to program in C#. If you have OSS credentials, that is all for the better, but it is not required.
  • This is a paid position, you are not expected to work for free.
  • It is not a remote position, our offices are located in the Southern Industrial Area in Hadera, Israel.
  • I’m not going to ask you to do all the annoying work. There is some annoying stuff to do (mostly docs), but look below to see what exactly I have in mind.

This position entails:

Working on our shipping products (the Uber Prof line of products and the Raven DB / Raven MQ line).

Among other things, I have earmarked the following features for you:

  • Raven DB’s query optimizer.
  • Raven DB’s auto sharding & scaling.
  • Raven DB’s clustering support.
  • Uber Prof’s production profiling feature.

The other things that are involved include all the usual stuff, bug fixes, doc writing and standard (in other words, not that exciting) features.


This is a three to six months position.

What is required:

Commercial experience is not required, but I would want to see code that you wrote.



I think the situation has changed a bit because of web development and the fact that there are so many startup companies in Israel. Also, for some, the army gives practical experience. I had no problem landing two jobs as a web developer with a standard salary without any prior experience even before my military service. And I'm by far not a rockstar programmer.


Wish I could work for you for 3-6 months just to gain experience from you :(

Uriel Katz

I am doing the same thing at my company(Binfire.com),i had the same chance by working as something similar to intern at the age of 15 to gain commercial experience,and that experience is what gave me the opportunity to work at other places.


"It is not a remote position, our offices are located in the Southern Industrial Area in Hadera, Israel."

Very funny.


@ayende, we need more people like you. This is awesome to give opportunities to under--commercially-experienced developers and even more awesome to make it a remunerated position. So many people take advantage of internships pretending to want to give back but actually just looking for cheap/free labor.

@bob, what's so funny? Ayende means that interns will have to be on-site and not telecommute. It's not because it's remote to the US that it's automatically a remote position


So that was the job offer you wanted someone to take a look at :] Nice


@Benoit: Hadera is the middle of nowhere, this is definitely a remote location :P


I have a full time job and plenty of industry experience. But damn, I would still be an intern just to work on awesome Rhino products.

Ayende Rahien


What is stopping you :-) ?


@Ayende I live in St. Louis, MO, USA -- the commute to Israel would be prohibitive, especially during rush hour! ;-)

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