RavenDB & Managed Storage

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One of the things that I really wanted with to do with RavenDB is to create something that is really easy to use for .NET developers. I think that I have managed to do that. But the one big challenge that we still had was running everything using managed storage.

As you can imagine, building transactional, crash-safe, data stores isn’t particularly easy, but we actually did that, and now RavenDB can run in managed core. That has other implications, like being able to run completely in memory. Which means that you can test your RavenDB code simply by using:

var store = new DocumentStore { RunInMemory = true; }

And just use this as you normally would. For that matter, you can ask the RavenDB server to run in memory as well (extremely useful for demos):

Raven.Server.exe /ram

As a side note, I am going to be posting a lot about the recent storm of features that were just added to RavenDB.