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A murder of Ravens

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In the last 96 hours, I slept a total of 6 (all of them while I was on a plane and had no electricity, File:A-murder-of-crows-dvd-cover.jpgso I couldn’t work).

All the rest of my time was pretty much focused on doing crazy stuff with RavenDB. I am very happy to say that I (with a lot of help from Rob Ashton), have managed to really push what RavenDB can do. In particular, about 5 minutes ago I finished the last touch required to get RavenDB to run using fully managed storage.

And yes, this means that we will have a Mono build shortly.

The crazy part is that a week ago I would have said that managed storage would be the feature for RavenDB, but it is actually the case that it is on an equal footing with a few others that we recently added. We have been so busy adding those features, and working through the implication of having those features, that we didn’t have time to sit down and document & explain them properly.

No worries, this is coming. In fact, this is what I intend to do for most of tomorrow (at least, as soon as I wake up).

Ayende the excited.



What does managed storage mean? You sound excited about it, it must be something good :)

Hendry Luk

I think what he means is that RavenDB currently uses essent, which is a native windows storage component, thats why raven never had a build for mono.

Managed storage means a data-store built from the ground up on top of .net infrastructure.

Hendry Luk

Ayende, I always wondered any reason you didnt use an existing unmanaged storage that run both on windows and linux, e.g. mongodb.

Hendry Luk

Oops.. by mongodb i meant memcacheDB..

Or berkeley-db.. or rafter of other similar things


I thought you already knew from your own experience that you can burn yourself without sleep :)


Ayende, you may be interested in Membase (its new) from the Memcached team: http://membase.org/

Its NOT the MembaseDB project; its a simple system to setup memcache servers that also persist to disk and have replicas.

May be ideal for RavenDB?

Ayende Rahien


Probably not.

a) it does things that I don't need.

b) it uses unmanaged code, and I really want to be able to run things in Silverlight, or on the phone.

Ayende Rahien


We manage :-)

We basically send the file to the second app domain and read from the file.


Hope you didn't wake up only to realiza that this great work was only a dream

Ayende Rahien


it would need to be ported, but it could be, very easily

Ayende Rahien

Yes, we have an plan of doing a Rhino Queues 2.0 (different name, though) with this

Brian Vallelung

Does this mean we'll be able to get RavenDB to run in medium trust? That would be fantastic for hosted sites.

Gian Maria

Real good news to have Managed Storage in Raven, since I had the honor of listening you and Rob Ashton speaking about these features at dinner in Bologna (I remember the feature list on the waitress block notes), I'm astonished that you got it implemented in so small amount of time :).

Anyway, I think you should need to relax more :) 6 hours of sleep in a 96 is not exactly good for the body :).


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