NoSQL without web-scale

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The application data is one of the most precious assets that we have. And for a long time, there wasn't any question about where we are going to put this data. The RDBMS was the only game in town. The initial drive away
from the RDBMS was indeed driven by the need to scale. But that was just the original impetuous to start developing the NoSQL solutions. Once those solutions came into being and matured, it isn't just the "we need web-scale" players
that benefited.

Proven & Mature NoSQL solutions aren't applicable just at high end of scaling. NoSQL solutions provide a lot of benefits even for applications that will never need to scale higher than a single machine. Document databases drastically
simplify things like user defined fields, or working with Aggregates. The performance of a NoSQL solution can often exceed a comparable RDBMS solution, because the NoSQL solution will usually focus on a very small subset of the
featureset that RDMBS has.