Implementing CreateSequentialUuid()

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We run into an annoying problem in Raven regarding the generation of sequential guids. Those are used internally to represent the etag of a document.

For a while, we used the Win32 method CreateSequentialUuid() to generate that. But we run into a severe issue with that, it create sequential guids only as long as the machine is up. After a reboot, the guids are no longer sequential. That is bad, but it also means that two systems calling this API can get drastically different results (duh! that is the point, pretty much, isn’t it?). Which wouldn’t bother me, except that we use etags to calculate the freshness of an index, so we have to have an always incrementing number.

How would you implement this method?

public static Guid CreateSequentialUuid()

A few things to note:

  • We really actually care about uniqueness here, but only inside a single process, not globally.
  • The results must always be incrementing.
  • The always incrementing must be consistent across machine restarts and between different machines.

Yes, I am fully aware of the NHibernate’s implementation of guid.comb that creates sequential guids. It isn't applicable here, since it doesn't create truly sequential guids, only guids that sort near one another.