NH Prof & usage data

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There seems to be some suspicion about the usage data from NH Prof that I published recently.

I would like to apologize for responding late to the comments, I know that there are some people who believe that I have installed a 3G chip directly to my head, but I actually was busy in the real world and didn’t look at my email until recently. The blog runs on auto pilot just so I’ll be able to do that, but sometimes it does give the wrong impression.

So, what does NH Prof “phone home” about?

Well, the data is actually divided into two distinct pieces. Most of the data (numbers, usages, geographic location, etc) actually comes from looking at the server logs for the update check.

Another piece of data that the profiler reports is feature usage. There are about 20 – 30 individual features that are being tracked for usage. What does it means, tracking a feature?

Well, here are three examples that shows what gets reported:




There is no way to correlate this data to an individual user, nor is there a way to track the behavior of a single user.

I use this data mainly in order to see what features are being used most often (therefore deserving the most attention, optimizations, etc).

Those are mentioned in the product documentation.

To summarize:

  • I am not stealing your connection strings.
  • I don’t gather any personally identifying data (and I am at somewhat at a loss to understand what I would do with it even if I did).
  • There is never any data about what you are profiling being sent anywhere.

I hope this clear things out.