An interesting RavenDB bug

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I got a very strange bug report recently,

The following index:

from movie in docs.Movies
from actor in movie.Actors
select new { Actor = actor }

Will produce multiple results from a single document, which poses a pretty big problem when you try to page through that. Imagine that each movie has 10 actors, and you are trying to page through this index for the first two documents of movies by Charlie Chaplin. The first movie that matches Charlie Chaplin will have ten results returned from the index, and simple paging at the index level will give us the wrong results.

Here is my solution for that, which works, but make me just a tad uneasy:

public IEnumerable<IndexQueryResult> Query(IndexQuery indexQuery)
    IndexSearcher indexSearcher;
    using (searcher.Use(out indexSearcher))
        var previousDocuments = new HashSet<string>();
        var luceneQuery = GetLuceneQuery(indexQuery);
        var start = indexQuery.Start;
        var pageSize = indexQuery.PageSize;
        var skippedDocs = 0;
        var returnedResults = 0;
            if(skippedDocs > 0)
                start = start + pageSize;
                // trying to guesstimate how many results we will need to read from the index
                // to get enough unique documents to match the page size
                pageSize = skippedDocs * indexQuery.PageSize; 
                skippedDocs = 0;
            var search = ExecuteQuery(indexSearcher, luceneQuery, start, pageSize, indexQuery.SortedFields);
            indexQuery.TotalSize.Value = search.totalHits;
            for (var i = start; i < search.totalHits && (i - start) < pageSize; i++)
                var document = indexSearcher.Doc(search.scoreDocs[i].doc);
                if (IsDuplicateDocument(document, indexQuery.FieldsToFetch, previousDocuments))
                yield return RetrieveDocument(document, indexQuery.FieldsToFetch);
        } while (skippedDocs > 0 && returnedResults < indexQuery.PageSize);