RavenDB goes live!

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I have been talking about this for what seems like forever (over two years, if you really care to know), but it is finally out.


You can access our site at http://ravendb.net

What you will find there is:

  • Tutorials
  • Sample application
  • Extensive documentation
  • Commercial options & support
  • An active community

Head on there, and please let us know what you think…

But before you go, I would like to send my heartfelt thanks for the following people, for their help & support:

  • Aaron Weiker
  • Andrew Stewart
  • Andrew Theken
  • Andy Stewart
  • Benny Thomas
  • Bjarte Skogoy
  • Bobby Johnson
  • Emil Cardell
  • Luke Hertert
  • Mark Henke
  • Paul B
  • Rob Ashton
  • Steve Strong

Heading to the launch event now. Fly Raven, Fly :-)