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RavenDB goes live!

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I have been talking about this for what seems like forever (over two years, if you really care to know), but it is finally out.


You can access our site at http://ravendb.net

What you will find there is:

  • Tutorials
  • Sample application
  • Extensive documentation
  • Commercial options & support
  • An active community

Head on there, and please let us know what you think…

But before you go, I would like to send my heartfelt thanks for the following people, for their help & support:

  • Aaron Weiker
  • Andrew Stewart
  • Andrew Theken
  • Andy Stewart
  • Benny Thomas
  • Bjarte Skogoy
  • Bobby Johnson
  • Emil Cardell
  • Luke Hertert
  • Mark Henke
  • Paul B
  • Rob Ashton
  • Steve Strong

Heading to the launch event now. Fly Raven, Fly :-)


Jeff Doolittle

Congratulations. Quite an accomplishment! I'm looking forward to diving in deeper and making use of this technology on some upcoming projects.


Good luck with this, but I have to say that the licensing fees will prevent me from exploring this product. I'm sure you'll find a lot of companies willing to pay because I'm sure it's a very good product.

Again, best of luck!


Super congratulations on the release!!!

Chakri Bireddy


Thanks for making Documents DB more and easily accessible to .NET community.


Congratulations! Let's Raven rule object databases :)


Good job, keep up the good work.

Sean Kearon

Great work, looks really interesting. One question - does RavenDB support a desktop deployment model at all? If so, do you have plans for a commercial licensing for this model?


Likewise, congratulations on releasing RavenDB!

I do have one question though... if a company decided to use a RavenDB cluster (nevermind the sharding bundle) of say 16 nodes, would that seriously result in a grand total perpetual enterprise license fee of USD 137,584 as licensing is per instance??!


i get "The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized." when I run Hello sample :( . why ?

Glenn Block

Congrats dude. MEF (the library) thanks you :-)


Awesome. Great work and its awesome to see great stuff like this coming out of the .NET open source community.

Now we'll see if Microsoft releases their own version of this called "Crow" :)

Richard Dingwall

Congratulations, I really enjoyed your talk tonight.

One question - AGPL license means I can use RavenDB behind the scenes of my website no problem, but if I modify Raven at all I have to release those changes back. Does this include bundles? My entire website?

Ayende Rahien


Yes, Raven can be run in an embedded fashion.

That is what the OEM license is for. Please contact me if you are interested in more details about it

Ayende Rahien

ali62b ,

You probably need to set the anonymous user access mode to all in the app.config

Ayende Rahien


You can see my reply in the mailing list.

Ayende Rahien


No, the AGPL will apply to your website code as well.

To use Raven commercially in closed source software, you need to buy it.

This is whatever or not you modified Raven



Rasel Jabbar

Congrats!! Yay, thanks...can't wait to play with it!

Apolon Ivankovic

That is fantastic! Congratulations and all of the best with the product.

As some feedback, my first impression is that the per-instance commercial pricing is too high. The current pricing leads me to think its something to experiment with in the future and not jump into now.

Arnold Zokas


And thanks for the great intro to RavenDB @ SkillsMatter yesterday.


@Ayende unfortunately it didn't fix the problem, but I fix that by add full control permission to NETWORK user on the Raven Folder (but I think just add permission on Data folder would fix the problem). Thanks...

Ayende Rahien

Oh, are you running in IIS?

Yeah, that would cause it




LOL, and I thought all these passionate posts were purely altruistic: teaching the masses what 'good' architecture was and why document databases were sooooooo much better than relational databases! You, Ayende, are a master marketer! In the states we would call you: "A great used car salesmen!" Apparently you are a magnificent capitalist!

Ayende Rahien


you are a magnificent capitalist

I'll take that as a compliment.

Although I am not suer what caused you any surprise here. I always blog about what I am doing


It was a complement!


You HAVE to make it more popular on google.

And think about how to handle the massive amount of support request when u will be the 1st hit on the keywords "database" and "sql".

Good luck Ayende.

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