Music Player: Which To Choose?

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I want to get myself a mobile player with enough storage to hold all my music, podcasts, etcs. I currently use a 256Mb player, and it's annoying to manually go and find out what I want to hear each time. Especially as I only do it at home, and I'm rarely there.

Basically, I would like to have something with 20Gb or more, easy to use on both the device and the computer application side. One major consideration is the sound quality and the volume. I'm often outside, and in my current player, it's nearly inauidable as soon there are traffic noises around. If it's the headphones that matter in such a case (as I guess it would be), they a recommendation for them would be appriciated as well.

My mother is taking a tour to the USA in a few days, so she can get me the newest and brightest. What do you recommend? Should I get and iPod? iRiver? Something else?