You can’t learn the basics from the pros

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There was a question recently in the NHibernate mailing list from a guy wanting to learn how to write database agnostic code from the NHibernate source code.

While I suppose that this is possible, I can’t really think of a worst way to learn how to write database agnostic code than reading an OR/M code. The reason for that is quiet simple, an OR/M isn’t just about one thing, it is about doing a lot of things together and bringing them together into a single whole. Yes, most OR/M are database agnostic, but trying to figure out the principles of that from the code base is going to be very hard.

That leads to an even more interesting problem, it is very hard for a beginner to actually learn something useful from a professional. That is true in any field, of course. In software, the problem is that most pros would simply skip whole steps that beginners are thought to be crucial. It isn’t from neglect, it is because they are going through those steps, but not in a conscious level.

Very often, I’ll come up with a design, and when it is only when I need to justify it to someone else that I actually realize the finer points of what have actually gone through my own head (another reason that having a blog is useful).

I think that there is a reason that we have names like code smells, you can immediately sense a problem in a smelly codebase, although it may take you a while to actually articulate it.