Git is teh SUCK

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Today, I had two separate incidents in which my git repository was corrupted! To the point that nothing, git fsck or git reflog or git just-work-or-i-WILL-shoot-you didn’t work.

The first time, there was no harm done, I just cloned my repository again, and moved on. The second time that it happened, it was after I had ~10 commits locally that weren’t pushed. I had my working copy intact, but I didn’t want to lose the history. I asked around, and got a couple of suggestion to move to mercurial instead, because git has no engineering behind it.

Based on that feedback, I …

Oh, wait, it isn’t this sort of a post.

What I actually did was setup Process Monitor and watched what git.exe was actually doing. I noticed that it was searching for a .git/objects directory, and couldn’t find it anywhere in the path. Indeed, looking there myself, it appeared clear that there was no objects directory under the .git dir. And checking in other repositories showed that they had it. So now I knew why, but I still had no idea who the #*@# decided to randomly @#$%( my repository, totally derailing my productivity.

That is where having multiple personalities come in handy, he did it. The one that isn’t writing this blog post, at some point during the day, there was a need to zip the repository and send it somewhere. Since the working copy is full of crap, that idiot issued the following:

ls -R obj | rm –F

ls -R bin | rm –F

(Not the exact commands, the idiot used the UI to do a search & delete).

You can guess the following from there. At this point, having come to this astounding discovery, I heroically went to the recycle bin, found the objects directory there, and rescued it! All is well, except that there is still a thrashing for uncommon stupidity owed.

And remember, it wasn’t me, it was the other one who did that!

And yes, the spelling mistake in the title is intentional.