NIH alert! Writing my own RPC systems

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Let us see if you can help me here, I found myself facing a rather unpleasant realization, in that I need to communicate between two processes (that compose a single system) with some rather draconian measures about how they are going to be used.

Quite simply, I need to expose an interface with ~25 methods on it to the second process. So far, it is pretty easy to do, right?

The problem is that the first process is a standard .NET executable, which may also be run on the Mono platform while the second is a Silverlight application. My first thought, just use remoting to handle this, failed because remoting isn’t available to Silverlight. My second thought, to use WCF, failed because that isn’t available on Mono.

Building a simple RPC system is pretty easy, so that doesn’t worry me. The reason I am reluctant to do so is that I really don’t want to build yet another infrastructure. At some point, even to me, NIH flag starts to pop up.