If you want me to buy something, I want a queue, damn it!

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And no, I don’t mean a queue in the technical sense, I don’t care how you build your stuff. What I care about is the customer experience.

Here is a simple problem, I go to your site and see three things that I would like to buy, but I am only going to buy one thing right now. In most cases, I have no real way of putting away those things that I am interested at to a later time.

A common examples, both of which are really annoying: Amazon Kindle.

I usually buy books after spending some time looking for them, which takes time. But I generally don’t buy more than one Kindle book at a time, simply because I often get distracted by something else and skip reading the second or third book in a particular order. So something that I would have loved to see is a way to put away a book for later. You know, something like a wish list? Except that those aren’t available for Kindle for some strange reason (probably someone figured out that immediate satisfaction negates them).

I am left with tracking this sort of stuff externally, and that just add more work. If you want me to buy something, make it easier for me to do so. And I want to come back later, you really want to make it easier.