Would you just take my money please?

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I just finished doing my reverse bills. Unlike doing my bills (which are usually handled automatically), this is tracking down who I owe money to that haven’t been paid. I just had three different incidents where I had to call up people and remind them that I probably need to pay them money.

Some highlights from those conversations:

  • Hey, I owe you money, can I pay it already?
  • What do you mean, I don’t owe you money. I say I do, and the customer is always right.
  • You promised that you would send me that invoice, but it isn’t here… What do you mean, it is in the mail?

It feel funny, because some of those talks went along the line of “you own me money”, but what I was trying to get is just an invoice so I could actually pay it. Hell, I had to call my landlord and setup time & place so I can pay for utilities (he has been avoiding that for the last few months). And the last rent check I had to ring him up and ask him why he didn’t deposit the check he had.

It is a funny world we are living at.

On the one hand, I don’t feel it is ethical not to pay, or even to wait until they wake up and remember that they need to be paid. On the other hand, I like that there is enough of a trust that this situation can actually come up.