How to lead a convoy to safety

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image I recently run into a convoy situation in NH Prof. Under sustained heavy load (not a realistic scenario for NH Prof), something very annoying would happen.

Messages would stream in from the profiled application faster than NH Prof could process them.

The term that I use for this is Convoy. It is generally bad news. With NH Prof specifically, it meant that it would consume larger and larger amounts of memory, as messages waiting to be processed queued up faster than NH Prof could handle them.

NH Prof uses the following abstraction to handle queuing:

public interface IQueue<T>
void Enqueue(T o);
T Dequeue();
bool IsEmpty { get; }

Now, there are a few things that we can do to avoid having a convoy. The simplest solution is to put some threshold on the queue and just start dropping messages if we reached it. NH Prof is actually designed to handle such things as interrupted message stream, but i don’t think that this would would be nice thing to do.

Another alternative would be write everything to disk, so we don’t have memory pressure and can handle much larger queue sizes. The problem is, of course, that this requires something very subtle. T now must be serializable, and not just T, but everything that T references.

Oh, Joy!

This is one of the cases where just providing the abstraction is not going to be enough, providing an alternative implementation means having to touch a lot of other code as well.