Rhino Mocks 3.6

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This release is mostly to put out all the patches & fixes that went into Rhino Mocks since the 3.5 release, almost a year ago.

The changes from the previous version are:

  • Dynamic mocks and stubs will now assume that a call is match by any number of expectation.
  • Recursive mocks (with help from webpaul)
  • Fixing an issue with ArgManager in multi threaded scenarios (patch from Stefan Steinegger)
  • Fixing problem with IgnoreArguments() after Do() erasing the Do()
  • Fixing an issue with SetPropertyWithArgument improperly using LastCall.
  • Allowing Rhino Mocks to raise events on VB6 dlls.
  • Adding support for AssertWasCalled for getters (patch from robin clowers)
  • Adding remoting mocks as static methods (patch from Peter Mounce)
  • Adding a way to access the method from MethodInvocation
  • Fixing an issue with recursive return types when making a call to record an event more than once.
  • Various spelling & grammar issues (patch from Peter van der Woude)
  • Fixing an issue with stubbing MarshalByReferenceObjects
  • Better integration with Pex
  • Making LambdaConstraint work better with polymorphic args
  • Better feature parity for AAA with Record & Playback: Partials, Multis, and Stricts
  • Fixing an issue with stubbing properties of generic interfaces implemented twice using different generic parameters (Alexander Groß)

As usual, the download is here.