How to lose respect and annoy people

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This post is going to be short, because I don’t think that at my current state of mind, I should be posting anything that contain any opinions. This is a reply to a blog post from X-tensive titled: Why I don't believe Oren Eini, which is a reply to my posts about the ORMBattle.NET nonsense benchmarks.

I will just say that if I was willing to let X-tensive enjoy the benefit of the doubt the reason they run the benchmarks the way they did, the post has made it all too clear that doubt shouldn’t be entertained.

Here are a few quotes from the post that I will reply too.

I confirm this is achieved mainly because of automatic batching of CUD sequences. It allows us to outperform frameworks without this feature by 2-3 times on CUD tests. So I expect I will never see this feature implemented in NHibernate.

That is interesting, NHibernate has batching support since 2006. The tests that X-tensive did never even bother to configure NHibernate to use batching. For that matter, they didn’t even bother to do the most cursory check. Googling NHibernate Batching gives you plenty of information about this feature.

Currently (i.e. after all the fixes) NHibernate is 8-10 times slower than EF, Lightspeed and our own product on this test.

Yes, for a test that was explicitly contrived to show that.

Since we track performance on our tests here, we'll immediately see, if any of these conditions will be violated. And if this ever happen, I expect Oren must at least publicly apologize for his exceptional rhino obstinacy ;)

Um, no, I don’t think so. Moreover, not that I think that it would do much good, but I still think that personal attacks are NOT cool. And no, a smiley isn’t going to help, not is something like this:

P.S. Guys, nothing personal.