Emancipating NHibernate from Hibernate?

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This is an answer to a post request in the forum:

Why keep NHibernate tied to Hibernate or is it not tied to it anymore? (NHibernate would be easier to pick up if the nomenclature wasn't ripped from Hibernate, ie AliasToBeanResultTransformer, etc...)

There are two separate questions here that needs answering. The first is easier, we keep NHibernate close to Hibernate because it makes our lives so much easier. By keeping the code bases close to one another, we can more easily port new features, documentation and bug fixes. There are no plans, and I don’t believe there would be plans, for making a clean break. Simply because it is not beneficial for the project.

The second question is about Javaism in the project. I fully agree that AliasToBeanResultTransformer is a head scratching name, this is simply a case where we didn’t match the name to the .Net standard. Those sort of cases are things that can and probably should be fixed, and a patch for that (including backward compatibility!) would be appreciated.

While we want to keep NHibernate close to Hibernate in order to reap the benefits, we also intend it to be a full class citizen in the .Net ecosystem. The two aren’t contradictory to one another.