A short note about NHibernate and Silverlight

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I got a few questions about NHibernate and Silverlight. That is actually a very easy thing to answer.

Don’t even try. They don’t get along. In fact, they aren’t even going to get along.

Silverlight doesn’t have System.Data.IDbConnection, and you can safely assume that that it somewhat important to NHibernate.

So, running NHibernate inside a Silverlight application, presumably in order to access a local database is out. But I don’t think that this is what most people actually had in mind when they ask about NHibernate and Silverlight. They want to know about NHibernate on the server and Silverlight on the client.

And that is easy enough to answer as well, it is going to work just like any client / server system. All the same rules apply.