Unethical behavior

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Ben is pointing out something that I find flat out infuriating, a TFS MVP had removed a comment talking about SVN & Git from his blog with the following explanation:

“No offense, but I deleted your comment.  I make way too much $$ on Team System training & consulting to go publicly plugging alternative options.”

I am… disappointed. I started to write shocked, but it is not the first time that I have seen stuff like that happen.

What bothers me even more, if you can’t deal with critics on something that you are doing for a living, how can you call yourself an consultant in the field? How can you actually point out the options if you refuse to even look at them or engage in conversation about them.

This make me seriously doubt the professionalism of the person in question, to say the least.


Independent expert? I don’t think so.

Real world answers? Hardly.

Update: Ben Day has posted a reply about this.