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Can you make money on OSS tooling in the .NET world?

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The answer is yes. Here is a chart of downloads and orders of NH Prof.


I am fairly happy with the way NH Prof sells. I think it could be better, but I want to see what happens to sales when I release the v1.0 version (which will be soon).

Nitpicker corner: Numbers has been removed from the chart for a reason.


Jonathon Rossi

I'm not surprised that orders follow downloads, because once I used it for a few hours I knew I needed to buy it, no need to wait until the end of my trial.

Robert Stackhouse

I think it would be useful to see the numbers on the vertical axis. Numbers of copies of each?


hi! nh prof is really awesome!

a little suggestion: you should show the complete build-number of the current version on your download page.... now i have to click "download" every day to see if there's a new version ;-)

best regards!

Bill Barry

The most interesting bit to me is the days of the week appear clearly visible on this graph. You don't seem to get too many downloads over the weekend, while thursday/friday seem to be your big selling days.


Thanks for this post, but a few more questions:

1) How much (e.g. percentage) of downloads/buys was made from people who comes to nhprof.com from this very popular blog? What other channels (google, your (as consultant) clients, etc.)?

2) Now nhprof.com says that Hibernate (Java) is supported. I haven't try it by myself, but if it works - is any orders is done for use with Java and hence anybody of that people said that not-crossplatform nature of NHProf is a problem?


Nice to see sales are good - good applications deserve it.

I bought it a couple of 2 weeks ago, and even tho i just started using nhibernate, i would not like to work without it. That also makes me wonder, why not all of those trying trialing didnt buy it as soon as it ended. That's what i did :)!

What makes me even happier with my expenses is that i am pretty sure, the best has yet to come. Even more features.

Fabio Maulo

Let me say that the answer is different, at least for me.

There are countries where OSS mean "free of charge" even for as consultant.


I think Fabio that he is saying he is making money off of the OSS tooling == NHibernate.


There are a lot of companies that make money with Open Source and than I'm not talking about support, but actual sales. One of the most know would be Zend with all it's tools for PHP. Not only do they develop the core engine of PHP, they also publish the Zend Framework. On top of that there are some additional tools like Zend IDE or the Zend Encoder (which kinda compiles the code with an obfuscator). If you look at distributions there are Red Hat and Novell (Suse). And there's digium, the company behind the Asterix PBX. But to be honest, they make money with consultancy and implementation.

Personally I think it's fine when companies can make money on OSS. If only the FSF (GNU) could see it that way.

Gunnar Liljas

I think that the price tag is a bit too high. It's well worth its money, and more, but I think the price may not be on the optimal "net income" level, especially if you consider that there are (I think) quite a few places where enlightened developers still struggle with unenlightened management.

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