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ReviewC# in Depth

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C# in Depth has a very different focus from most “Learn language X” books. Starting from the premise that you are already am familiar with the basic language syntax (for 1.0, or maybe you are a Java or C++ programmer), it focus entirely on the new additions to the language and platform.

Its stated goal is to take C# 1.0 developers and give them all the changes that happened to the language in the C# 2.0 and 3.0 versions. And it most certainly deserves the “in Depth” part of the name.

I consider myself a fairly proficient developer, and I believe that I have adequate knowledge in both C# 2.0 and 3.0, but I still found myself learning new things. More to the point, as someone who do know much of the material in the book, I was quite impress with the quality of the material, the depth of the discussion and the level in which it is being presented.

I think that Jon has managed to capture a lot of the complexities of the language in a way that is approachable, easy to understand and complete.

I have been recommending that book for clients ever since I read it, and only recently realized that I have never actually posted about it. I kept intending to, but that doesn’t seem to put words on the blog, unfortunately (otherwise I would blog even more).

The complexity of the C# is a personal worry of mine, mostly because I see how hard it is for people to bridge the gap when moving to the newer versions of the language and having to face the explosion of possibilities. I think that this book is a big step in closing that gap.

Perhaps the best compliment that I can give to the book is that I fully intend to use the 2nd edition as the text to read to get into C# 4.0 when it is out. No reason not to let Jon do all the hard work :-)

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Almost every book that I read give me new insights or angles. But even starting tutorials can bring focus on forgotten techniques.

It's not the language that's hard to learn, it's good use of a programming language that makes programming a skill.

Igal Tabachnik

Welcome to the Jon Skeet fan club :)


It's my favorite programming books, the focus and details are not something I found in other books I've read.

Sandor Davidhazi

Thanks for bringing this book to our attention. I've long been looking for a good and enjoyable book to hone my c# skills without the already known language basics, and this book seems to be perfect. Also, I love how everything is put into the context of language versions, it is much easier to understand and learn the hows and whys of c# this way.

Joe Hendricks

Amazing book - I try to spend 30min/day going through the examples after the first reading!


This is the best technical book I have ever bought. The depth is great and the manner of 'diving' is so perfectly gradual as to allow my small brain to follow along.

All the questions I have while reading are answered at just about the perfect time. Very well written.

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