Castle Windsor 2.0 RTM Released

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imageSome would say that it is about time, I would agree. Windsor might not be the OSS project in pre release state for the longest time (I think that the honor belong to Hurd), but it spent enough time at that state to at least deserve a honorary mention.

That was mostly because, although Windsor was production ready for the last three or four years or so, most of the people making use of it were happy to make use of the trunk version.

If you will look, you won’t find Windsor 1.0, only release candidates for 1.0. As I believe I mentioned, Windsor has been production ready for a long time, and for the full release we decided to skip the 1.0 designator, which doesn’t really fit, and go directly to 2.0

The last Windsor release (RC3) was almost a year and a half ago, and in the meantime, much has improved in Windsor land. Adding upon the already superb engine and facilities, we have fitted Windsor to the 3.5 release of the .Net framework, created a full fledged fluent API to support easy configuration, allowed more granular control over the behavior of the container when selecting components and handlers and improved overall performance.

All in all, pretty good stuff, even if I say so myself. Just to give you an idea, the list of changes from the previous release goes for quite a while, so I am going to let the short listing above to stand in its place.

You can get the new release from the source forge site.