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Vienna Beers night

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A bunch of us will have beers in Vienna on Tuesday (5th Mai) at about 18:30 and would welcome you to join us!

I also don't know if telavivbeach has opened, but i know that "Hermes Strandbar" has opened. If the weather is fine you can find us there:

ttp://www.strandbarherrmann.at/ or if it's cold/rainy at Bar Vulcania located here: http://tinyurl.com/dcq4t7

Anybody is welcome to join us.

Thanks for Christoph for setting this up.



That is only 5 min from my house. :)


sounds good :) count me in


Would love to come, but it would be a 4 hour drive from Carinthia to Vienna.

Maybe next time.

David Nussdorfer

Makes me wish I lived near Vienna. Prost!


who is Christoph?


perfect! I'm reading your blog for long time already and would love to meet you in person. getting to know other austrian developers that read your blog will be fun!

Jan Limpens

Cool, what a coincidence, I'll try to come :)



same here ,..., but unfortunately i'm on holidays in bali at that time


Weather seems to be cold and maybe also rainy ... hence we go to Bar Vulcania.

So see you all at 18:30 @Vulcania

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