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that is an excellent feature. does it slow down VS noticeably?


Hope it's not because you have an agreement with ReSharper authors? However, almost all opinions about R# i have heard are extremely positive, so you might just be another case of R# infection.

Ayende Rahien


No, I have no agreement for advertising with R#.

If I had, I would have explicitly said that.

I am posting about things that impress me, that is all


Ayende, you must be using a good computer; at my previous workplace, we installed R# on a few machines. Then we had to uninstall it to continue working - there was a noticeable half-second delay after every key press.

Of course, on my own computer it would run fine - but I've grown too accustomed to not using it. Whatever specific features I feel I need - I write a small plug in.


The newer versions of R# are speedy mcquick. I'm running a dell Latitude D820 which is a medium class business laptop and vs is nice and quick with R#

Scott Muc


I had to same problem with Resharper and it ended up having to do with the Gallio test runner in the unit testing options. I disabled it, and resharper sped up considerably.


I'm more worried about that backend.Start(22334)

Ayende Rahien


I am using this on my 2 years old PC


Well like I said, at work it slowed us down severely on several machines. I never bothered to find out why - but our machines were stretched to the limit as it were. There were no other add-ons active, by the way.

Ayende Rahien


That is just a random number I plug in there, because Start accept the port number to listen to

Jeremy Gray

@configurator - there were some builds along the way that caused a number of people to experience issues like yours, with single-core users getting the worst of it but even multi-core users having trouble. From what I understand those issues have been resolved for a while now. Give 4.5 a try! (and if you do run into problems, please do report them to the JetBrains folk, as they take those kinds of issues very seriously indeed)

Arne Claassen


I run R# on my 2 year old Core 2 Duo at home with no slowdown. On my VMs running on my Macbook Pro (2.4Ghz), i do see some slowdowns, but nothing significant enough to counteract the benefits of R#


I like thie one

var message = string.Format("{0:yyyy-MMM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff}", DateTime.Now.ToString());

it works out that either the tostring or the format is redundant

Dave Newman

Resharper was pretty slow on an old code base i had to work on. (1000+ line classes). We had to disable it occasionally. The developers on the team thought that the problem was with resharper : )



you are stilling money from your employer. :)

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