It is either a traveling schedule or a train wreck…

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So, after a delicious month at home, mostly spent resting I am back to traveling again. This time my traveling schedule is so complex that I need to write it down.

Next week (04 May – 08 May), I am going to be in Vienna, Austria. Doing some work for a client. If someone want to organize a beer night, or something similar, I open for that :-)

The week after that (11 May – 13 May), I am going to take part in Progressive.NET tutorials in London, UK. There are quite a few good speakers there, doing 12 half day workshops. I am going to be talking about NHibernate, doing an Intro to NHibernate and an Advanced NHibernate workshop. This is basically trying to squeeze my 3 days NHibernate course into one half day workshop (Intro) and then just directly to the advanced NHibernate (which goes beyond the stuff that I am talking about in both the workshop and the course).

The week after that, (18 May – 20 May), I am giving the first NHibernate Course (London, UK). This is a three days course that is going to take you from no NHibernate knowledge to having a pretty good knowledge in NHibernate, including understanding all the knobs and how NHibernate thinks. This course is already full, but have no fear, because the weak after that… I am giving the same course again (again in London, UK).

This time the dates are 26 May – 28 May, and there are booking available there.

You might have noticed that this means that I am going to spend three weeks in London. There is already a beer night planned, thanks to Sebastian. A side affect of this schedule is that I am available in the holes between the scheduled workshops and courses. This means that if you are in London and would like me to have a short engagement in 14 May – 15 May or 21 May – 25 May, please drop me a line.

Next, 29 May – 7 June I am spending in New Jersey, working. I might catch up the ALT.Net meeting there again, I seem to make a habit of that.

Following that, 8 June – 12 June, it is time for DevTeach, my favorite conference on that side of the Atlantic.


I think that early bird registration is still open, so hurry up. I am going to talk about:

  • Advanced IoC
  • OR/M += 2 – my advanced NHibernate workshop, squeezed into a single session
  • Producing production quality software
  • Writing Domain Specific Languages in Boo

And as usual for DevTeach, I am going to need a lot of coffee just to keep up with the content in the sessions and the fun happening in the hallways and in the bars. And as a pleasant bonus, ALT.Net Canada is going to follow up directly after DevTeach, so on 13 June – 14 June I am going to be there.

Wait, it is not over yet!

17 June – 19 June, Norwegian Developers Conference! Just from my interactions with the conference organizer I can feel that it is going to be a good one. I mean, just look at the speakers lineup.


For that matter, you might want to do better than that and check the unofficial NDC 2009 video:


If a conference has that much energy before it is even started, you can pretty much conclude that it is going to be good.

Here I am talking about building Multi Tenant Applications, Producing Production Quality Software and Writing Domain Specific Languages in Boo.

And as long as I am in Norway, why not give another NHibernate course (Oslo, Norway)? This one is on the 22 June – 24 June,

By that time, assuming that I will survive all of that, I am heading home, and giving myself a course in hibernating, because I am pretty sure that this is what I would have to do to get my strength back.