Mocking NHibernate

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My recent post caused quite a few comments, many of them about two major topics. The first is the mockability of my approach and the second is regarding the separation of layers.

This post is about the first concern. I don’t usually mock my database when using NHibernate. I use an in memory database and leave it at that. There are usually two common behaviors for loading data from the database. The first is when you need to load by primary key, usually using either Get or Load, the second is using a query.

If we are using Get or Load, this is extremely easy to mock, so I won’t touch that any further.

If we are using a query, I categorically don’t want to mock that. Querying is a business concern, and should be treated as such. Setting up an in memory database to be used with NHibernate is easy, you’ll have to wait until the 28th for the post about that to be published, but it is basically ten lines of code that you stick in a base class.

As such, I have no real motivation to try to abstract that away, I gain a lot, and lose nothing.