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5 Books that I am waiting for…

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Well, technically I am not expecting this any longer, since it is out.


One of the best sources for information about NHibernate is finally available!

Moving on to books that aren’t out yet, but I am really looking for, and have nothing to do with technology (well, they are both SF, but other than that):

image image

Both are really good, and I have been reading (well, hearing) the series for a long time. Don’t expect to hear much from me the next day or two after each of them out.

And, of course, this book is on Amazon as well:


Although you can read it right now, it feels more real that you can see it in Amazon.

I am still trying to convince Manning that Oren Eini is not a fiction, and that it should really appear on the cover as well.

And this is not a book, but I am very excited about this:


I should have this next week, and then my time would get even busier, because the Kindle is the ultimate impulse read device.



Hey, I didn't know your book is out! Congrats!

Omer van Kloeten

Wow, I can't believe they're not letting you use your real name on the book cover. This pseudonym is going to hunt you forever... :/

Don Demsak

I thought that The Lost Fleet series started off great, but the last book was a real stinker, and I sort of got bored with the series. Seems like Campbell tried to stretch a 3 book series into a 6 book series.

If you like that type of SF books, check out Robert Buettner's Orphanage Series. Allen Steele's Coyote Series is also very good (well at least the first 2 books are, quality goes down a tad after the first 2).


The Hyperion series from Dan Symons is not bad. Alastrair Reynolds also has some really good stuff, loved Chasm City.

Ayende Rahien


It isn't out.

Only NHiA is out of the books in here.

Ayende Rahien


I actually like the 4th book very much, mostly because it is not just about fighting battles, I think that the political issues are also facinating.

I'll check the Orphanage & Coyote.


Right, right, it isn't out yet... the post title shoulda tipped me off.

Don Demsak

Don’t know if you have read John Scalzi’s stuff. He is also a known blogger, http://whatever.scalzi.com/. The Old Man’s War series is a good one, but I like the first 2 books in that series the best. But if I had to pick one Scalzi book, it would be The Android's Dream. The first chapter has to be the funniest (in Monty Python style) SciFI I’ve ever read. It’s a very unique book. A follow up to it, The High Castle, is due out later this year.

Steve Moseley

I just finished listening to the the first "Lost Fleet" book. I really enjoyed it.

Have you read "Old Man's War"? That is a good sci fi also.


Ayende, please let us know how easy (or not) technical books read on the Kindle! Scott Hanselman said ( http://www.hanselman.com/blog/AmazonKindle.aspx) it wasn't really suited for technical books and I'm hoping this has improved in this new generation :)

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