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Resolving graphics problems with NH Prof

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Christopher has good coverage on how we solved and isolated a problem that we  run into using NH Prof. In essence, the issue was messed up text being reported by some of the users.

To be frank, it was a very frustrating issue, because none of us could come up with a repro, and the only thing that sometimes seemed to help is updating the graphic drivers. Having to update your graphic drivers to use NH Prof isn’t something that I consider appropriate. It reminded me of the time that to deploy a system that I built, we had to replace the organization domain controller. It is… not a place where you want to be.

We had accidently reproduced it in a SharedView session, and I got to see Christopher and Rob get to the root of the issue in a matter of minutes. It is not an area that I have any sort of expertise on, and it was fascinating to watch.

And, of course, we got rid of the problem that NH Prof had.


Peter Morris

What was the cause/solution?


Replace the DC? Wow. There's probably a good story behind that, isn't there?

Ayende Rahien


It is only a funny story on beer.

Let me put it this way, I quit because of that project.



I sell a WPF based application with a custom chrom and I had some really strange bugs with it - including rendering problems, crushes and making all the popup windows on the system stop working.

All those problems (at least 80% of my bug reports) went away when I stopped using AllowTransparency, I still have custom chrome using WinAPI's SetWindowRgn to control the shape of the window.

If your window is a rectangle with rounded corners you will get better results under Vista using the techniques described at blogs.msdn.com/.../...om-window-chrome-in-wpf.aspx (look for the "Office 2007 with Aero – Drawing in the NC area with glass" section).

AllowTransparency is slow and buggy and not fit for production use, it does give you great looking results but it's not worth dealing with all it's problems.

Christopher Bennage

@Nir Thanks for the tip! We will definitely look into that.

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