Challenges when building NH Prof

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Right now, we have one challenge with building NH Prof: making the UI scale to what people are actually using.

The problem that we face is:

  • A profiled application is generating a lot of events.
  • Many of those events are relevant to the profiler and so result in UI Model changes.
  • UI Model changes require UI refresh.

There is a limit on how often you can refresh the UI. It is not just a matter of the UI being incredibly slow. (Try it, UI is about as slow as remote system calls!) That problem we already solved with batching and aggregation.

The problem is deeper than that, how do you keep a good UI experience when you have so many changes streaming into the UI. If my recent statements list is updated 5000 in the space of one minute, there is no value in actually showing anything there, because you don't get to see that.

We are thinking about various ways of handling that, but I would appreciate additional input. How do you think we should deal with this issue?