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Erik van Brakel

I hope I can soon, I'm in the process of convincing my boss to buy me a license. One main thing that would really, REALLY improve the value of NH prof would be java hibernate support somehow. Perhaps by using a log proxy or something? A separate app that takes Hibernate logs and pushes them into your logging parser?

Ayende Rahien


I intend to take a look at that after I release v1.0

Erik van Brakel

Ayende, that's very good news! We're using Hibernate in a multi database solution on legacy databases, providing a unified API to several different systems (legacy databases, not 'optimized' for Hibernate access). We don't have real perfomance issues yet (it's not used by a lot of clients yet, about 2-3 users right now), but as it will have to supply access for high volume websites as well I feel that it would be really good to be able to locate and solve the common bugs (Select N+1, loading unbounded datasets and then parsing them in the code).

I'll be looking forward to this :)

Jozef Sevcik

I was always guessing if Hibernate support is viable.

If yes I think it can be massive, if I compare usage/market of hibernate vs nhibernate.

Really good news you plan to look at it!

Kevin Pang

NHProfiler has been absolutely amazing in helping me in my first NHibernate project. Immediately after downloading the trial I was able to identify and fix multiple n+1 query issues as well as remove extraneous eager loading queries from my repositories. This brought some of my page response times down from 3-4 seconds to ~0.5 seconds, all within an hour or two of trying out NHProfiler.

I have found the interface to be easy to use and the guidance it offers easy to follow. A true no-brainer for anyone using NHibernate in my opinion.


What bug tracking system are you using?


Java Hibernate support would be fantastic but a lot of Java programmers develop on Linux, Mac, Unix etc. so the WPF UI wouldn't be much use.

Mike Olivieri

I thought I knew what NHibernate what doing under the covers. Then I got NHProf!

Mike Olivieri


Mikael Henriksson

I wish I could give you some testimonials. Unfortunately I swing the other way. I just enjoy reading your posts mate :)

Could you write and EF Prof.? I'd be sure to buy that one hehe

Mikael Henriksson

It was supposed to be an EF Prof. not and...

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