More disposal subtleties and framework bugs that stalks me

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This one was a real pain to figure out. Can you imagine what would be the result of this code?

   1: var queue = new MessageQueue(queuePath);
   2: queue.Dispose();
   3: var peekAsyncResult = queue.BeginPeek();
   4: peekAsyncResult.AsyncWaitHandle.WaitOne();

If you guessed that we would get ObjectDisposedException, you are sadly mistaken. If you guessed that this would lead to a deadlock, you won.

Figuring out the behavior in a multi threaded system where one thread was beginning to listen and another was disposing the queue and waiting for pending operations to complete is… not fun.

Update: For some strange reason, I am not able to reproduce the problem shown above. I know that I did before I posted this, but I posted it as one of the last things that I did that day. I think that this is somehow related to the actual queue used and whatever or not it has messages.