More information of GC issue

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After a lot more study, it looks like there are two separate issues that are causing the problem here.

  1. During AppDomain unload, it is permissible for the GC to collect reachable objects. I am fine with that and I certainly agree that this makes sense.
  2. Application_End occurs concurrently with the AppDomain unload.

Looking at the docs (and there are surprisingly few about this), it seems like 1 is expected, but 2 is a bug. The docs state:

Application_End  - Called once per lifetime of the application before the application is unloaded.

It may be my English, but to me before doesn’t suggest at the same time as.

So I do believe it is a bug in the framework, but not in the GC, it is in the shutdown code for ASP.Net. This is still a very nasty problem.