Errors are part of your experience

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The NH Prof website is running on Rhino Service Bus. I decided that this is a great time to test Rhino Service Bus for real, and I built the website on top of it. Even the order processing is done on top of RSB.

But that isn't what I wanted to talk about today. I wanted to talk about errors, and how important they are. In this case, I screwed up when I build the error reporting capability for NH Prof, which means that if you tried to report an error back, you would get a nasty 404 and I would get nada as feedback.

The actual fault is not relevant, and it is fixed already, so hopefully you'll forgive me for having bugs in a beta product.

What I really wanted to talk about was how I fixed the issue. Remember, this is the production machine, and I have no debugger there. What I did was go to the MSMQ interface, go to the back end queue and take a peek in the errors sub queue, where I got to see the following:


The first message is the original one, the second is the error description for it. When I opened it, I could see that the error was "AyendeIsStupidException", which explained exactly what went wrong, and I was able to quickly resolve the issue by buying more IQ on eBay. I then moved the message back to the main queue, and got the email that I expected about the problem with NH Prof.

A few important points about this:

  • No debugging
  • No hunting through the logs
  • No custom tools. Rhino Service Bus Profiler doesn't exist (yet).
  • In your face, explicit and very quick troubleshooting experience.

Error handling was an explicit design goal when I set to build Rhino Service Bus, and I am happy to be able to say that so far, it is proving that it is working, and is definitely worth the time I spent in it.