Required: Debugging / Crash recovery assistance in NJ / NY

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A client of mine has run into a production problem, and we need to dig into the application to understand what is going on. Unfortunately, I am not on site, so the level of help that I can contribute currently is not that great.

We are looking for someone that can come onboard and help us figure out what the exact problem is.

I don't have all the details about the production issue yet, but the symptom is very high connection count to the database, and the OS refusing connections with TIME_WAIT. We are pretty sure that there is a connection leak somewhere, but so far we have no been able to identify it.

The application in question compromise of classic ASP, ASP.Net and .Net Window Services talking to a Sql Server 2000 database.

My client is interested in someone who can come onsite and diagnose the issue. They are located in Fort Lee, NJ, near the GWB. Obviously we would like to get to the root of the issue ASAP. If you think that you can help, please contact me and I will put you in touch with my client.

And yes, this does seems like a scenario right out of Release It!