When your extensibility strategy is OOD...

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You get to have really simple solutions.

One of the reasons that I like NHibernate so much is that is allow me to use Object Oriented solutions to my problems. Case in point, we have the Rhino Security library, which provide a facility for asking security questions about your domain.

Bart had an issue with Rhino Security, he wanted to extend the library to also contain a type. The original idea was to add a int field called AppSpecific, which will let each app define additional information on top of the existing domain model.

That made me feel so Win32 that I had to go and sleep for a while. I suggested the following OO solution:

public class BartOperation : Operation
      OperationType OperationIsStronglyTyped {get;set;}


I mean, if you want to extend Operation, why not... extend operation?

The problem is, I think, that most people have been so brain washed by the impendence mismatch that this wouldn't occur to them. Bart went away and implemented that suggestion, the whole exchange took less than a day.

Chose your tools carefully, and use them well, for they will reward you aplenty.