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[Politics] Unforgivable, Unacceptable and Unforgettable

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I don't generally comments on politics in this blog, but this is something that I cannot ignore.

I was just watching the evening news, and I saw Ehud Barak, Israel's Minister of Security, state (for the record!) that the goal of the current government is to reduce the number of missile launched on Israel to 10 - 7 a month.

Allow me to repeat that.

The Minister of Security for Israel, as part of answering an inquiry for parliament, has stated the official position of the government. And that government goal, the thing it strive for, is to to have missiles launched on Israel.

I almost puked when I heard that, and I am still furious.


Devils Advocate

Are you sure they didn't try to first set an achievable goal? It's not like they are in direct control of the number of missile attacks. Once that goal is achieved another can be set.

João Bragança

Hey, I remember him! When is Israel going to get a government with some fresh faces in there? It's like bush-clinton-bush-clinton x 11 over there.


Dude, I love israel a lot, and i hope the missle attacks are reduced. hopefully ehud is thinking long term also but reducing missle attacks is a GOOD THING.


great, now you made me puke too!

Shane Courtrille

Another devils advocate point...

If he had said that there would be no missile attacks.. even if they got the major parties to agree to stop launching them.. don't you think some idiot would launch one just to prove the Israeli government wrong?

Now personally I think they should turn that on it's head to be something like...

The goal is to kill every single person who launches a missile at Israel.

Make it so that the cost of launching a missile (which isn't guaranteed to hit anything) is so high that nobody wants to do it anymore. Implementation could consist of drones everywhere that instantly attack the site of any missile launch (human controlled of course because you know someone is going to launch a missile from the middle of a daycare)



These people are just too smart to use there brains most of the time. (they like to use other people's brains)

Well in a way I can understand what he means but that is not what they should have in mind (they know that they can't stop it except if they give away the whole land (Israel) to the Palestinians)

Neil Mosafi

What is the current missile count?


.... Or they give them a lot of pressure and then the UN and other countries will start screeeeaming.

(Just imagine the US getting "one" missile a month what would happen)



that is exactly right. You hear the UN and even the US screaming "restraint! restraint!" against Israel when it is getting bombed DAILY.

Yet, can one imagine how long that would happen if say, for the sake of argument, Mexico were sending missiles into the US on a daily basis. I'm fairly confident that it would happen, maybe 3 days, possibly as long as a week, before the US military invaded Mexico until the missiles stopped. It has always seemed hypocritical of the rest of the Western world to yell at Israel to restrain itself when it is being bombed on a daily basis.

Dan Finch

From what I know of Ehud Barak's performance when he was in charge of the whole thing, making him Minister of Security sounds like making Jimmy Carter the Secretary of Defense.

Ayende Rahien


There is a huge difference between what you consider as reasonable target for the foreseeable future and what you consider your GOAL.

Shadi Marei

If you want to stop all missiles, the solution is easy; move out from Palestine.

Ayende Rahien

Over the last month, over 200

Ayende Rahien


When were in Gaza strip, there were no missiles on Israel.

When we got out, explicitly to get away from them, they started to throw missiles at us.

Somehow I don't find this encouraging to do anything about it.

Shadi Marei


There is something you are missing, You don't count how many missiles go onto Gaza everyday.

Ayende Rahien


And that is why I don't post about politics in this blog.

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