Annoyances, Grievances and other things that bugs me

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While renting a car, I was presented with the option to pay for the tank refill up front (with something like 20% off the standard price at most gas stations). On the face of it, it looked like a really sweat deal, but a little bit of thinking has shown that the only way that I come out ahead in this scenario is if I return the car with the fuel car empty. In any other scenario, I paid for a full tank, but the company doesn't have to fill the whole tank. Case in point, by the time that I got to the return point, I had half a tank full of gas. That would make the prepaid tank option result in me paying almost 200% over the standard price just for gas. I hate cheaters!

While checking in to my flight to NJ, I was required to pay additional 40$ for "excess baggage". That is the first time I run into this, and I was extremely annoyed. This is not excess baggage, that is just my standard suitcases. Moreover, as a result of this decision, people have started to take a lot more stuff with them in the plain, since that is free. The result is that the storage bins above the seats are completely full, and we were instructed by the flight attendants to put as much of the baggage as possible under the seats. I have enough problems with leg room in flights anyway, and this didn't help at all. Couldn't the airline carriers see the direct correlations between the two? And how much this would reduce the quality of flying?

Another cheating case. I was at Dave & Buster (air hooky rocks) and we bought some play time. The problem is that while you can buy points at increments of 10, the actual machines are never charging you full numbers, it is always things like 5.6, or 9.8. The direct result is that your card is never really full. This is an incentive to go and fill it, or return to D&B at a later date, to "finish up the card". Moreover, there is no easy correlation between the points that the games charge you and the dollar amount that you paid.

Finally, and the most annoying at the moment. In my hotel there is direct reverse correlation between the quality of the room and the level of internet reception that exists there. In other words, if I get a good room, I get bad reception, and vice versa. Oh, and they "can do nothing about that". Argh!

And this is a note to businesses in general, if I find out that you try to cheat people who can't do grade school math, I am going to treat you in the same manner that I treat people who kick puppies.