Rhino Mocks Challenge: Implement This Feature

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Okay, let us see if this approach works...

Here is a description of a feature that I would like to have in Rhino Mocks (modeled after a new feature in Type Mock). I don't consider this a complicated feature, and I would like to get more involvement from the community in building Rhino Mocks (see the list of all the people that helped get Rhino Mocks 3.5 out the door).

The feature is fluent mocks. The idea is that this code should work:

var mockService = MockRespository.GenerateMock<IMyService>();
Expect.Call( mockService.Identity.Name ).Return("foo");

Assert.AreEqual("foo", mockService.Identity.Name);

Where identity is an interface.

The best place to capture such semantics is in the RecordMockState.

Have fun, and send me the patch :-)