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KB957541 is my favorite hotfix

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It is not public yet (but you can call and ask for it), but it will be when SP1 goes to Windows Update. This is the fix for the ExecutionEngineException that appeared in .Net 3.5 SP1, and was found by Rhino Mocks.

It took a while (but not unreasonably so), and it is here, yeah!

This is fixed,  you can get the fix here: http://support.microsoft.com/?id=957541


John Doe

Where can i find it, please?

Ayende Rahien

It is not public, you have to call and ask for it.

The KB article that accompany it will be publish i a week or two

Andre Loker

Nice to know. Luckily I never had problems due to that bug (finger crossed), but I realize it's great that it has been taken care of. I'm looking forward to the fix.

Joachim Kerschbaumer

i get an engineexecutionexception at asp.net development webserver when hosting WCF services that return the object they got as parameters (after modifying them slightly).

as i'm using .net 3.5 sp1 i'm wondering if this may be related to the engineexecutionexception you are talking about.

if so...i can't wait for this hotfix...

thanks for this tipp

Tim Haughton

There's treachery afoot.

Spoke to an MSDN concierge today. They advised me to phone the MSDN developer support, which I duly did. They had no record of KB957541.

I got back in touch with the concierge who confirmed that indeed it doesn't exist.

Has anyone managed to obtain the hotfix??

Doug Stewart

Hi all

I'm the escalation engineer that worked with Ayende and our product team to get this fix out the door. I can promise you there is no treachery going on here :-) just a bit of plain old fashioned confusion.

Like most of our hotfixes you have to call support to obtain the fix (although we are working on improving that). In fact this fix will be included in a post SP1 "GDR" due for release later this year which you will be able to get without calling support. But in the meantime, you need to raise a support case (no charge), sorry.

When we finalise a fix, it goes onto an internal website that support folks use to send out fixes to our customers. The publication of the KB talse a little longer as it has to go through our writing / editing / localisation team.

Apologies if you are being told this fix is not available. If someone tells you it is, explain to them you've been told the KB is not quite yet published but the fix IS available.

If you are really stuck, please contact me ( d o u g s t e AT microsoft.com)


Doug Stewart

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