Get that queue out of my head

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For some reason, I am having a lot of trouble lately getting Rhino Queues out of my head. I don't actually have a project to use it on, but it keep popping up in my mind. Before committing to the fifth or sixth rewrite of the project, I decided to take a stub at testing its performance.

The scenario is sending a hundred thousand (100,000) messages, with sizes ranging from 4Kb to 16Kb, which are the most common sizes for most messages.

On my local machine, I can push that amount of data in 02:02.02. So just above two minutes. This is for pushing 1,024,540,307 bytes, or just under a gigabyte in size. This translate to over 800 messages a second and close to 8.5 MB per second.

Considering that I am pushing everything over HTTP, that is just fine by me. But the real test would be to see how it works over the Internet.

I have a limited upload capacity here, so trying to push a gigabyte up would take too long. Instead, I confined myself to 5,000 messages, of the same varying sizes as before.

This time, over the Internet, it took 27:25:95 minutes. Just short of half an hour to push 51,135,538 bytes (~48Mb).

But that is testing throughput. While that is interesting on its own, it doesn't really tell us much about another important quality of the system, latency. Over the Internet, it took an average of 25 seconds to send a message batch. This is pretty fast, but I don't think it is great.

Anyway, getting back into the code didn't really help much, and I think that I will need to rewrite it again.