A balancing act

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image Probably one of the hardest challenges that I am facing with writing the book is to know what to say and what to leave unsaid.

Phrasing it another way, it is choosing at what level to talk to the reader. On the one hand, I really want the reader to be able to make immediate use of the concepts that I am talking about, which drive me to do more practical demonstrations, code samples and covering more common situations. On the other hand, those take up a lot of room, and they tend to be boring if you don't need exactly what you need right this moment.

High level concepts, open ended possibilities and assuming a bit about the reader knowledge level makes for a book that is much more narrowly focused, and I think that it more valuable. However, it also tend to leave readers unsatisfied, because not everything is explained.

Currently I am writing a UI focused chapter, and to get a good experience from the UI you need to invest a lot of time. Metric tons of it. I am trying to chart the way and show how this can be done, but without getting mired in all the actual minute details.

This is a tough balancing act, and I am not sure if I am succeeding.