So where were you?

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This post has really pissed me off:

It makes me sick to my stomach to think of all the good .NET projects that are now abandoned (or soon will be) because Microsoft seduced their authors away from doing anything that would actually benefit the .NET community.

Excuse !

Who exactly said that I owe something to anybody? Who exactly said that any of the guys who went to work for Microsoft (many of whom I consider friends) owe you something. The entire post is a whine about "I can't get the software I want for free".

Well, guess what, no one said it has to be free. Software has no right to be free. If anyone wants to stop dedicating significant amount of their time into free stuff, that is their decision, for their own reasons. Rhino Mocks is estimated at nine million dollars by Ohloh, I might decide to stop using it tomorrow, and you don't get a chance to protest that, or even to complain. Put simply, where exactly are your efforts? Where is your money and time?

Because unless you are a customer (in the sense of, money exchanged hands), you got stuff for free and now you complain because people aren't willing to do so anymore?

Now, leaving that aside, to the best of my knowledge, Castle, SubText, dasBlog and SubSonic are all alive and well and have received attention from the respective "seduced" authors.