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Looking for a WPF dev

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I am currently working on an interesting application, basically, rule engine, data + DSL, and other fun stuff. Unfortunately, here is how the UI is right now:


Yes, the disclaimer is in the UI.

Therefor, I currently looking for a WPF dev / designer. I am currently in New York, but there is no location limitation.

If you are interested, please contact me.



I'm not a designer and I can't help you either, but if you say "the UI is left ugly, I'm not a designer" it means that you don't consider an important point of the UI design, which is Usability.

The interface of the application should be easy to use as well as nice to look.

And with WPF it's easy to make nice looking applications but that are impossible to use since the so-called designer make an app with reflections, transitions and other cool stuff just for the sake of it.

Therefore, you should look for a WPF Designer and a User Interface Expert (or better, if the same person can wear both hats)



I have been playing around WPF for 1 year now and done some a retail product based on WPF. I'm a designer per se but have done a full cycle.

If you re interesed contact me




I have been working with WPF to develop some line of business and can certainly help you with a slick UI for your application. In my current role, I am working with the interaction layer, the bridge between the UI and the code.



Andriy Volkov

What are you trying to do? I may be able to give you some ideas on representing structured information but not on colors / graphical design in and of itself.


"I'm not a designer and I can't help you either, but if you say "the UI is left ugly, I'm not a designer" it means that you don't consider an important point of the UI design, which is Usability."

Well talk about reading too much into something! Lately you can't even say your name on the net without someone trying to nitpick.


@Joe: that's the price to pay for being popular :)

Anyway, it's a common misconception... it's like the marketing guy that has a brilliant and says "all I need is just a programmer".

That's the same: "I've got a great application, all I need is graphic designer to build the UI".

UI design is not something you can live without... Imagine if the net was not as accessible as it is now: there will be far less people blogging, lthere will not be facebook, and all that cool web stuff we are used to (which could be seen as good, depending on where you look).

I recommend you read the book "Why software sucks"... the answer to this question is "because they have bad UI".




You missed my point completely. I'm fully qualified to perform the work and want to know what the job pays. Based on the pay I may or may not contact Oren.

Manoj Waikar

Hi Oren,

You might have heard about Inductive UIs, but I feel they might be a good option to build the kind of UI you are planning to build. Please have a look at http://www.paulstovell.com/blog/inductive-uis-with-wpf-navigation-applications

I haven't read the above article but I have read the MSDN article which this article links to. I found this Inductive UI funda compelling but haven't seen any thick client application built using it.



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