ADO.Net Data Services with NHibernate

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Shawn Wildermuth has bridged the gap between the two, implementing IUpdatable on top of Linq to NHibernate. This means that you can now expose your NHibernate domain model as a set of REST services.

This functionality is now included with Linq for NHibernate. Thanks Shawn!

There is a live sample here:

Or you can hit the URLs directly and see what kind of formatting it has:

From a technological perspective, I think this is awesome. However, there are architectural issues with exposing your model in such a fashion. Specifically, with regards to availability and scalability on the operations side, and schema versioning and adaptability on the development side.

ADO.Net Data Services are a very thin wrapper around a DB, and as such, they should be treated as such. Do not expose them where you wouldn't want to expose your DB as well.