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OSS still has hurt feelings from that post. I hear that, to this day, she is still waiting for a public apology and retraction. :)

Actually, though, I think your statement is fairly accurate. Open Source Software is bad. It's just that closed source software is much, much worse!

Joshua McKinney

A while back I spent some time going through some of your older posts and there is some absolute gold in there. In terms of technical coverage, I would rate a dump of your site better than most textbooks. Have you ever thought about releasing your blog posts as a collection for offline reading? I'd pay for something like that. Especially if it were in a decent format (xml for transforming into chm / pdf / word / something readable on my Tytn II / rss for the offline feed reader / ... ).


These posts... They are lovely :)

Andrés G. Aragoneses

But what you said in the bad OSS post is just plain wrong, or complaining about life.

I mean, that is not an opensource limitation in the sense that a non-open-source program doesn't have it. A non OSS program just have a tons more limitations.

The statements said there even contradict what you're current blog slogan is: "That is a great idea, send me a patch for it".


Ayende Rahien


Yes, that is the point of pointing that out.

It has been four years, I learned a bit

Lucas Goodwin


Some people just don't understand this concept of "I've grown as a person, see what I used to be like" ;)

Jeff Brown

I hear you.

I cringe when I read the kinds of drivel I wrote 15 years ago... Times have changed.

Anyways, I think very few people come to realize your level of maturity with respect to their work as you have in the past 4 years. Some never get there.

So nice going!

Also, I second the suggestion that you should collect your best writings and publish a little collection of essays. You have said some very insightful things on this blog and elsewhere.

Joshua McKinney

@Jeff - Why the need to cull? If it were dead trees spolsky style, I would understand, but most of the posts Ayende's ever written are insightful enough to be seen as a collection, the conversations in the comments really add to that.

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