Code of the week

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This piece of code make me so happy:

private static IDictionary<string, Func<Stream, ICommand>> commandFactories =
	new Dictionary<string, Func<Stream, ICommand>>
			{"add", s => new AddCommand(s)},
			{"append", s => new AppendCommand(s)},
			{"cas", s => new CasCommand(s)},
			{"delete", s => new DeleteCommand(s)},
			{"prepend", s => new PrependCommand(s)},
			{"replace", s => new ReplaceCommand(s)},
			{"set", s => new SetCommand(s)},

			// retrieval
			{"get", s => new GetCommand(s)},
			{"gets", s => new GetsCommand(s)},

			{"incr", s => new IncrCommand(s)},
			{"decr", s => new DecrCommand(s)},

			{"flush_all", s => new FlushAllCommand(s)},
			{"quit", s => new QuitCommand(s)},
			{"version", s => new VersionCommand(s)},

This is something that I do quite often, and it is good to have a way to do it easily.