Would I add static mocking to Rhino Mocks?

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Eli Lopian joined the discussion about Mocks, Statics and the automatic rejection some people have of Type Mock and its capabilities.

Here is the deal.

  • I don't like the idea of mocking statics.
  • Given a patch that would add this capability to Rhino Mocks *, I would apply it in a heartbeat.

Hm... that seems inconsistent of me...

Leaving aside the fact that I feel no urging need to be internally consistent, I don't have an issue with the feature itself. Mocking statics is not inherently bad. What I consider bad is the reliance of such a feature to write highly coupled code.

It is more an issue of guidance and form than a matter of actual features.

* Note that I said, "given a patch", the feature is not actually interesting enough for me to spend time implementing it.